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Anxiety :iconkozekito:Kozekito 43 17
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Simple Sketches
A quick digital sketch of whatever you want. No coloring.
(Digtital art, fanart, concepts/ideas, OCs.)

300 points, or 3$ through Paypal. 
Note me if you want to pay with paypal.
Detailed sketches
A more detailed sketch. Background included. But still uncolored.
400 points. or 4$ through paypal.
(Note me if you want to pay through paypal.)
Rough drawings
This is rough drawings. It's a sketchy kind of drawing with flat shadowing.
Therefore it is cheaper than the "digital art" commissions, that have better quality and shadows.

1 or 2 characters in the same picture will cost 500 points.
But after that, each character that is added will cost 100 points extra.
1 or 2 characters 500 points.
+ 3 characters - 600 points.
+ 4 characters - 700 points.
+ ...And so on.

500 points, or 5$ through Paypal. 
(Not me if you want to pay with Paypal. If not, the just click request like usual.)
Custom Adoptables!
This commission is for you who want your own new character(OC), or if you want to have a sheet drawn out for your already existing OC.

Custom the character as much as you want.
You can decide 100 % everything into the slightest detail. Or only decide 20%.
Simply just decide how much I get to decide myself while designing your character. It's your choice. You can might as well say "I want a blonde male" and that's it! Then I'll fill in the rest. c:


I won't be held responsible if I "miss a detail" on the adoptable that you never specified.
You have to make sure to write everything you think is important in the request description. So I know what you want before I start drawing.
So if you forget to write me what eye color you'd want, and I make your adoptable's eyes green, while you would have preferred blue. Then that is not my fault and I won't be held responsible for that.

Eye color is a minor mistake however. I will gladly change small details for you if you would not be happy with the finished result.
But I won't remake big, time craving things.

All I ask is that you make sure what you want, so there won't be a problem later.

1,000 points, or 10$ through Paypal.
Note me a message if you want to pay with Paypal, please.
Digital Art, with simple background.
A digital image, with a basic background. It can be fanart, an art concept, a portrait, animals or
even your OC.
Whatever you want, just ask about it.

If you want to add more characters than 2 it will cost 100 points for each character you add after that.
1 or 2 characters = 1,000 points. 
+ 3 characters = 1,100 points.
+ 4 characters = 1,200 points.
+ And so on.

1,000 points, or 10$ through Paypal. 
Send me a note to tell me if you want to pay with Paypal.
Digital Art, with detailed backgrounds.
A digital art, with more detailed and complexed background. It can be fanart, shippings/pairings, an art concept, a
portrait, animals or even your OC.
Whatever you want, just ask about it.

If you want to add characters it will cost 100 points for each character you add after 2.
1 or 2 characters  = 1.600 points.
+ 3 characters - 1.700 points.
+ 4 characters - 1.800 points.
+ And so on.

1600 points, or 16$ through Paypal. 
Send me a note and message me if you want to pay through paypal.
Pay for adoptables here!
If you're buying an adoptable from me, then you pay here~
((Don't send me point any other way!))

Commissions in progress!


Working on a digital art commission for twelweaclock

3 commission in line after that.



Kozekito has started a donation pool!
450 / 5,000
If you like my adoptables, fanart or other stuff then you are more than welcome to donate and support me.~
Every single point will be appreciated and loved! ♥

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Artist | Ex.Professional, now Hobbyist | Genderfluid
Ice cold Sweden

:iconcomoplz::iconrequestsask::icontradesask::iconnogifts: / :icongiftsfriendsonly:B/W Ani : PAYPAL and POINTs ACCEPTED - Button by Drache-Lehre

I hate ghost followers! </3

Hi guys! I'm a friendly person!

I have nooo idea what to write here! I hope you like
my stuff! I do a lot of different things!
Photos. Digital and traditional art. Sketches. Cosplays. Fanart. Ocs. Roleplays. Animations/GIFs. Photoshop
edits. And a lot of commission work!

But my main focus is digital/fan art and cosplay.

About me!
There's nothing in this world that will cheer me up the way a bunny does! I love my bunny Molly!
RIP! ♥
Seriously! That bunny was my child. A life companion! Not a pet. I miss her.

Besides bunnies; cats and candy cheers me up pretty good too!

I love art! Both making it and seeing other's.
Don't be afraid
to comment on my stuff! I'm nice! And it only makes me
happy that my hard work gets noticed and nice comments.
~ ♥

Ghost followers makes me feel anxious and like I'm being stalked.
I rather have you comment on stuff and fave stuff or just say hi!

I love cosplays! As I stated way up there ↑, cosplay is my life.
It's what I do 60% of the time. And it's the only
thing I save up money for. I scramble money to be able to continue cosplaying.

My current cosplay that I'm working on now is: Han Solo, from Star Wars.

I play a lot of games too. Even though
I haven't had much time for it lately.
Legend of Zelda, Silent
Hill, Dragon age, Until dawn, Assassin's Creed, Final fantasy, Kingdom Heart,
Super Mario, Luigi's Mansion, God of War, Dante's Inferno, Heavy Rain,
The wolf among us, Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Infamous, Uncharted, Enslaved...And
it's hard to think of every game I ever played! But these are
some of my faves, I guess.
My gaming platform is PS3/PS4, gamecube
and wii.

Wow... I'm really boring! Haha! I don't know what to say!
Is this all there is to me? I hope not!
I guess
I'll just fill this in later!

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:iconcomoplz::iconrequestsask::icontradesask::iconnogifts: / :icongiftsfriendsonly:B/W Ani : PAYPAL and POINTs ACCEPTED - Button by Drache-Lehre

Tumblr Stamp by Petra1999

I have tumblr as well!
But it's basically everything I upload here.
Minus the OCs.


Did you like my 1.000 watchers contest? Like, was it fun? c: 

13 deviants said Yes!
3 deviants said Meh!
No deviants said No!


If you know me well, you do know that I am having a rough time financially and that I have no income for a few months ahead.
I just wanted to say that with the help from money I've earned from your guy's commission requests, I was able to pay for my beloved cat's insurance. So his vet visits will go smooth now!

Thank you so much for supporting me through these times! ♥
Both me and Pysen appreciate your love.
Pysen by Kozekito
Hi everyone!
We haven't talked much in a long time now. c:
How are you? Anything fun happening in your life right now? ♥
My cat went to the vet today. So I bought him these really cool and yummy looking cat treats so I could spoil him after the operation! ♥…
Someone gave me 1 month of core membership anonymously!! Thank you, hun! I love you! ♥♥♥♥
Fuck no! Please no!! 💔
My core membership expires tomorrow!! I want to cry! I just can't afford to fix it right now! It will fuck up my polls and folders and everything!! </////3

Winners of the contest!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 3, 2017, 2:57 PM
♥ Prizes: ♥

1st place: .... "Digital art "commission from me! (with a detailed background!)
2nd place: ....................................... "Rough drawing" commission from me.
3rd place: ....................................... "Detailed sketch" commission from me.
(Look at my commission widgets to get more information about the types of commissions.

The winners are:

3rd place is:

DragonNatureStudios. With her drawing of my police man OC, Ryan McNeil.

He's hot looking. I like it a whole lot. ♥
The face expression with the lip bite is such a nice detail.
Not to mention that she managed to draw his face features so well! And his buff body! Even his red, long eyelashes. It certainly looks like Ryan!

To be nitpicky tho (sorry! ;u; )
Ryan would probably never wear handcuffs, unless he's forced. Since he is a very shy and veeery vanilla type of guy.
Which is actually a big problem I have with roleplays with Ryan, or others drawing him.
That they think he's all hot and sexy because of his looks. But they fail to read about his traits.
He is actually a small, shy, cuddly little guy on the inside.
So he'd never lay like that and be all sexy and confident. XD

(I'm only mentioning this because it was in the description of the contest! That you should try and capture the OCs personality too. Not just the appearance. uvu
So it's a contest guideline.)

Besides from the personality being twerked with, the picture is honestly so beautiful with all those details, the freckles and the shadows and highlights! So pretty.
And so, place number 3 goes to this piece of art! 
Ride by DragonNatureStudios

2nd place:

PrincessNerdo With her drawing of my historical OC, William J. Pen.

I'm so impressed with traditional art! I wish I could have this sent to me. ;u; </3
The colors theme is so happy and yet soft as they are perfect for Willy!
She really captured his hair color as I like to refer to William as a "golden brunette", and he got that shine to it that is just so pretty! *v*
His pinkish lips and cheeks are such a nice detail to that adds a lot to his shy and feminine personality.
Face expression is flawless and once again so very William-like!

In addition to this being a beautiful art piece, it also embodies my character. From color choice to body language, this really screams William.
Therefore it earned the second place in the contest.
Contest Entry: A Gentleman by PrincessNerdo

1st place:

teacozy1 With her drawing of my ghost OC, Aldridge Ashton.

When I saw this picture as a thumbnail on my notifications I nearly gasped! *^*
It honestly looked so awesome and so I clicked it right away and was happy to find out that it was an art piece of my OC that was going to be in this contest! ♥

Teacozy1 have drawn Aldridge many times before and she is really talented in drawing my grumpy duke ghost.
I actually prefer her style on him than my own. She captures him completely and utterly perfect.

This picture really have that POW! The effects for it is so motion filled and gives the picture that pop feeling!
I love the detailed hair too and how white and glowy it looks, while still keeping details in mind so they don't get lost in too much white.
His tail coat.....Yas!

And I also LOVE the ghost form of him, when he gets pissed and you can really see that he is a poltergeist.
He might look like a small and grumpy teen duke. But he will fuck you up!

Perfect in any way!
Color theme, personality, appearance, background and effects. Not to mention depth in the drawing.
This was my clear winner for the contest! Congratulations!

When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
The Ghost of Ash Lake Manor by teacozy1

A big thank you to everyone who joined the contest!

It was so much fun to be able to see your art as all of it was beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to be part of this. ♥
I'll definitely make more contests in the future. ♥

Here is the folder to all of the contest art:…

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