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Simple Sketches
A quick digital sketch of whatever you want. No coloring.
(Digtital art, fanart, concepts/ideas, OCs.)

300 points, or 3$ through Paypal. 
Note me if you want to pay with paypal.
Detailed sketches
A more detailed sketch. Background included. But still uncolored.
400 points. or 4$ through paypal.
(Note me if you want to pay through paypal.)
Rough drawings
This is rough drawings. It's a sketchy kind of drawing with flat shadowing.
Therefore it is cheaper than the "digital art" commissions, that have better quality and shadows.

1 or 2 characters in the same picture will cost 500 points.
But after that, each character that is added will cost 100 points extra.
1 or 2 characters 500 points.
+ 3 characters - 600 points.
+ 4 characters - 700 points.
+ ...And so on.

500 points, or 5$ through Paypal. 
(Not me if you want to pay with Paypal. If not, the just click request like usual.)
Custom Adoptables!
This is if you want your own character, or if you want to have a sheet of your OC.
It includes body physic, outfit, colors scheme, eye color, name, gender and a name if you want it.

Custom the character as much as you want. You can decide 100 % or only 20%, do as you'd like and I will fill in the rest.
I'll even add a small background story, if you ask me for it. Otherwise I won't add it.

600 points, or 6$ through Paypal.
Note me a message if you want to pay with Paypal, please.
Digital Art, with simple background.
A digital image, with a basic background. It can be fanart, an art concept, a portrait, animals or
even your OC.
Whatever you want, just ask about it.

If you want to add more characters than 2 it will cost 100 points for each character you add after that.
1 or 2 characters = 700 points. 
+ 3 characters = 800 points.
+ 4 characters = 900 points.
+ And so on.

700 points, or 7$ through Paypal. 
Send me a note to tell me if you want to pay with Paypal.
Digital Art, with detailed backgrounds.
A digital art, with more detailed and complexed background. It can be fanart, shippings/pairings, an art concept, a
portrait, animals or even your OC.
Whatever you want, just ask about it.

If you want to add characters it will cost 100 points for each character you add after 2.
1 or 2 characters  = 1.000 points.
+ 3 characters - 1.100 points.
+ 4 characters - 1.200 points.
+ And so on.

1000 points, or 10$ through Paypal. 
Send me a note and message me if you want to pay through paypal.
Pay for adoptables here!
If you're buying an adoptable from me, then you pay here~
((Don't send me point any other way!))

Commissions in progress!


No commission request for the moment. Feel free to commission me any time! ♥

0 commission in line after that.



Kozekito has started a donation pool!
150 / 5,000
If you like my adoptables, fanart or other stuff then you are more than welcome to donate and support me.~
Every single point will be appreciated and loved! ♥

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:iconcomoplz::iconrequestsask::icontradesask::iconnogifts: / :icongiftsfriendsonly:B/W Ani : PAYPAL and POINTs ACCEPTED - Button by Drache-Lehre

I hate ghost followers! </3

Hi guys! I'm a friendly person!

I have nooo idea what to write here! I hope you like
my stuff! I do a lot of different things!
Photos. Digital and traditional art. Sketches. Cosplays. Fanart. Ocs. Roleplays. Animations/GIFs. Photoshop
edits. And a lot of commission work!

But my main focus is digital/fan art and cosplay.

About me!
There's nothing in this world that will cheer me up the way a bunny does! I love my bunny Molly!
RIP! ♥
Seriously! That bunny was my child. A life companion! Not a pet. I miss her.

Besides bunnies; cats and candy cheers me up pretty good too!

I love art! Both making it and seeing other's.
Don't be afraid
to comment on my stuff! I'm nice! And it only makes me
happy that my hard work gets noticed and nice comments.
~ ♥

Ghost followers makes me feel anxious and like I'm being stalked.
I rather have you comment on stuff and fave stuff or just say hi!

I love cosplays! As I stated way up there ↑, cosplay is my life.
It's what I do 60% of the time. And it's the only
thing I save up money for. I scramble money to be able to continue cosplaying.

My current cosplay that I'm working on now is: Han Solo, from Star Wars.

I play a lot of games too. Even though
I haven't had much time for it lately.
Legend of Zelda, Silent
Hill, Dragon age, Until dawn, Assassin's Creed, Final fantasy, Kingdom Heart,
Super Mario, Luigi's Mansion, God of War, Dante's Inferno, Heavy Rain,
The wolf among us, Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Infamous, Uncharted, Enslaved...And
it's hard to think of every game I ever played! But these are
some of my faves, I guess.
My gaming platform is PS3/PS4, gamecube
and wii.

Wow... I'm really boring! Haha! I don't know what to say!
Is this all there is to me? I hope not!
I guess
I'll just fill this in later!

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:iconcomoplz::iconrequestsask::icontradesask::iconnogifts: / :icongiftsfriendsonly:B/W Ani : PAYPAL and POINTs ACCEPTED - Button by Drache-Lehre

Tumblr Stamp by Petra1999

I have tumblr as well!
But it's basically everything I upload here.
Minus the OCs.


I'm extending the contest deadline to the last day of March! 

4 deviants said Fuck yeah!
3 deviants said Perfect!
1 deviant said Aw yis!
1 deviant said Yas!


Don't forget about the contest guys!
Do you want a longer time for it perhaps? I've heard that a lot of you guys are busy this month. UvU
The new "Pirates of the Caribbean" trailer/teaser makes me so hyped to do a pirate adventure with my proper gentleman OC, William. *v*
I got an apathetic critique on my Yuuri cosplay. Apparently my face is too long.(I know. I have a mirror.)
So I told them to fuck off.
I don't take criticism that's not constructive.
It's my face. I've already contoured it amongst other things. It's usually longer than that.
And guess what? I don't care! It's my face and it deserves to be in a cosplay, even though it might not fit 100% with the character's face. As long as I have fun as the character.
Tomorrow is my "free art/request" stream!
Now I'm off too bed, cause I'm sooo tired after working on cosplay today. </3
See you tomorrow, babes!
I am going to STREAM tomorrow! Wednesday!
I will start the stream up as soon as I have eaten breakfast and got every set up.(I'll post a link here on my deviantart when the stream starts)
After that I will stream ALL DAY! And try to stream until late night, so that everyone has a chance to drop in and get a free request from me if they want one. ♥

I am also doing this "free art" stream a bit on Friday. I haven't decided any times for that just yet.

8 facts about Ethan Hunter, my OC. TAGGED!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2017, 6:53 AM
I was tagged by cinnabunangel to use my OC Ethan Hunter.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

  Ethan Hunter - RP OC by Kozekito


Fact 1:

Ethan basically hates everyone and is a sassy bitch to most people. Even strangers, cause he can't stand other humans.
He loves animals though. But not cats who are bitchy or dogs who are dumb and smelly. Ethan only holds love for sea creatures.

Fact 2:

He works in many ocean life related jobs. He is marine biologist, sea life vet, marine lab researcher and a fisher.(He fish for exotic fish or sea creatures to sell to marine parks or aquariums. And even private collectors.)((This can be read in his bio.))
He isn't only a marine freak.

Ethan strives for perfection and for immortality. So he also dwells a lot in the paranormal and researching on mystical creatures to extract their powers for his own personal use.
So he doesn't only catch marine life. He catches vampires, unicorns, mermaids/men, ghosts, demons, spirits, nymphs, elves and all different kinds of creatures he can get his hands on.
He does this to steal their attributes and the magical powers they have that interests Ethan. And he takes them for himself to upgrade himself into a super human until he can eventually reach immortality and endless power.
He is egoistic like that. With no regards for others.

Fact 3:

Ethan is a great chef!
He lives alone though and so he only orders junk food, drink a lot of coffee and smokes. He doesn't give a shit.
If he were to get a partner however, he would cook beautiful and delicious food served with expensive wine. Only for them.~

Fact 4:
Ethan has a leg injury, which results in him walking with a cane on some days when the ache is too bad. Most days the leg is alright and he experiences no pain. But rainy days are a bitch!

Fact 5:

Ethan owns a red pacific octopus who he had in his office, in an open tank. It's his pet which he have named Squishy.

It's very smart and craves a lot of attention and games/puzzles to be stimulated.

Fact 6:

Ethan has  piercing. One in the tongue, one rod in his left nipple and 3 frenums. Frenum are dick piercings that are located on the underside of the shaft. As you can see from my beautifully illustration of a carrot!(In the character sheet.)

Fact 7:

Ethan has a love for sharks. He is CRAZY about sharks! In all ways! He loves them to no end as he is deeply fascinated by them.

Fact 8:
I have a shark OC named, Thresh.
And Ethan was made as a side character in a Thresh RP. Just so he could get interested by the shark merman and create some chaos for his neighbor who had found the mershark first. So I added Ethan to cause a triangle drama. (They both live on the beach btw.)


That's my 8 facts about Ethan Hunter!
I don't tag people anymore! I've already done this OC tag 3 times now. x'D

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Thank you very much, hun! Ah! That seriously makes me super happy to hear! Lee Donghae Approves ♥

I actually have one sketched out already and I planned it to be a land living merman one. :D
But yeah, x-mas is near. So there's not much time for me to draw. c':
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